Through Efi's lens

Efi Psilaki CV

Efi Psilaki has recently received her Ph.D. in Cultural and Social Sciences from the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, University of Crete. She holds a BA in History and Archaeology, University of Crete. She has also attended an Erasmus course in “Universidad Autonoma de Madrid”, Spain, and has taken post-graduate specialization in Teaching Greek as a foreign language at the University of Patras. She speaks English, Spanish and German.

Her research interests include recording and documentation of the customary life and material culture of Crete and Greece, in general, and has hundreds of hours of digitized material. She has taught literature courses in high schools and Tourism Geography, Greek Language, Art, Culture and Interculturalism in Greek and foreign students at the TEI of Crete.

She is interested in Popular and Material Culture, Multiculturalism and Intercultural Education, History of Art, Management of Cultural Values, Symbolic systems and Visual Culture.

Her scientific work includes two books, lecture notes, two short documentaries, a considerable number of presentations in conferences and seminars and publications in journals and Conference Proceedings.


She is an amateur photographer with hundreds of international awards and two photographic exhibitions. She is a member of the Greek Folklore Society as well as of the Greek Photographic Society -EFIAP holder (Excellence FIAP: FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE).