An old custom of our place was the New Year's treat of the fountain. The mothers filled a plate with the sweets of the day and a flask with tsikoudia, wrapped them in a towel and handed them over to the most faithful guardians of the tradition: the children! They walked like hierophants, went near the water woman, the fountain, greeted her as if she were human, "good morning, fountain, happy New Year", crossed the water with their palm, got a sip and left their offerings there.

Any old man who passed by would stop, drink some tsikoudia, greet the fountain and throw his coin, only a few pennies, into the fresh water.

This is how the New Year started. With respect to Mother Nature, with the almost theatrical but so deeply engraved in the core of our culture giving back to the fountain for the precious water it offered all the year round. It was the simple and insidious "thank you" to the forces that determine the fate of the world.

We are often surprised by the simple but full of symbolism and deep meaning customs of popular worship, the customs that spring from the depths of the centuries. Just like water, the priceless gift of the springs, the water of life!

Today, at a time of intense climate crisis, let these customary practices become sources of inspiration for more respect to the natural environment and love to future generations.

From all of us, the family of Nikos and Maria Psilakis, many heartfelt wishes for a joyful and happy 2024.